LUNA- Blue smoke tortie female Scottish Straight.  Going home with Ann in CT!


Sunny- Going home with Carli in Virginia!


Soleil​Going home with Kelley from Charleston, SC!

​Litter of 2 born July 29. Both RESERVED to Barbara in Columbia, SC!

Queen- Daisy

King- Thunder

A litter of 5 born August 22.  We will know if ears fold around Mid September. Once we determine ear fold, they will be offered to the wait list for reservation!




Bailey- Silver red and white mackerel tabby male Scottish Fold. Going home with Alexandra in SC!

Once kittens are available for reservation, they will be offered to our wait list first.  any kittens not selected will then be offered to the wish list and anyone who emails as interested.  Kittens are not held until a deposit is received!


Star- Going home with Gretta in Tampa, Florida!